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About the book

What does the Bible teach about God’s purpose in creating humanity male and female and how has he ordained for the genders to relate to one another and partner together in his purposes? For centuries the church has taught forms of hierarchical ordering of the genders–that the partnership is not an equal one. This book is written for people who believe in their heart-or who really want to believe-that God’s highest ideal is for men and women to operate in a full and equal partnership, yet have been led to believe that the Bible teaches otherwise. Equally Yoked examines the teaching of the Bible on this critical topic and makes the case that this ideal of partnership is biblical; and that reclaiming this ideal is essential for the church to fulfill its end-time mandate to partner with God in seeing His Kingdom come to earth.

About the Author

Pastor Rick McKinniss is the Senior Leader of Wellspring Church in Berlin, CT and is recognized as a servant-leader to pastors throughout Connecticut. He is a former adjunct professor of preaching at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN where he earned two theological degrees. He has been used by God to call pastors and churches together for persevering revival prayer and for Kingdom breakthrough in Connecticut. He is passionate about seeing heaven-sent revival come to New England once again in his lifetime.

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